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Ballet Shoes: Canvas Or Leather?

Ballet Shoes

  Source: Flickr Ballet shoes are an important purchase for the beginning ballet student and many elements will affect your purchase decision. To make the correct choice, you will need to listen carefully to your instructor and follow their advice about which shoes to buy. If you are not taking ballet lessons, and cannot seek […]

Shoes For Any Occasion

Shoes For Any Occasion

  Source: Flickr A shoe invariable of age group is a choice of every one. A shoe throws light on a person’s choice and taste. Shoes reflect elegance and attitude of a person. It varies according to the needs of a person. A person engaged in heavy work opts for work boots, while athletes give […]

5 Shirt Tricks Men Probably Don’t Know

When to tuck … Have a look at even more incredible video clips at BuzzFeedVideo! MUSIC African Percussion Certified via Detector Chappell Manufacturing Music Inc . STILLS 23632845 Hemera Technologies/ Thinkstock.com Sewing Maker labelled/ Thinkstock.com Silver Kennedy Fifty percent Buck – Goings Frontal Eldad Carin/ Thinkstock.com Child (5-7) wearing match and also oversize topcoat, portrasit […]