Put On Your Shoes + More | Kids Songs Collection | Super Simple Songs

Obtain your children prepared to go outside with this easy clothes song. Plus more of your favorite children tunes as well as nursery rhymes from Super Basic Songs!

Put On Your Shoes – 0:00:07
I See Something Blue – 0:03:02
Rainfall Rainfall Vanish – 0:05:52
I See Something Pink – 0:08:07
Make A Circle – 0:10:56
The Pinocchio – 0:11:58
Row Row Your Watercraft – 0:15:07
The Eensy Weensy Crawler – 0:17:01
Uh-huh – 0:19:04
Yes I Can! – 0:20:36
Do You Like Broccoli Ice Cream? – 0:23:57
Head Shoulders Knees And also Toes (Sing It) – 0:26:22
Mary Had A Kangaroo – 0:27:18
Rock Scissors Paper Fingerplay # 2 – 0:30:00
Skidamarink (Animated Version) – 0:31:45
One Little Finger – 0:34:01
Ten In The Bed – 0:36:14
The Months Chant – 0:38:45
The Forming Song # 2 – 0:41:01
Strolling In The Forest – 0:45:06
Open Shut Them – 0:48:32
If You're Happy – 0:05:56
Most of us Fall Down – 0:52:48
My Teddy Bear – 0:54:45
I Have A Family pet – 0:56:47
Who Took The Cookie? – 0:58:56

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  1. ето дла двух летних дитеи мне 16

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    2. +Oprah.M.D.E Adafia

  2. Im 10 and i play this video just kidding im 7 to

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    2. Family Navarro ö

  3. First there was the flower then beads

    1. Kimberly Hampton offff zhttz

    2. twins show kids

  4. Wait they have a baby

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  5. my sister love this song ! (But do you like broccoli is the best)

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      ز ظطدددخوتتنمز

      .. ه

    2. Julia Balinn ijdjj

  6. The song very good !!!

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    3. Мария Воронкова

      Anh Ngo ъхцхфпа Спасибо 53

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  9. Thank you very much

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  10. I love your videos so much and i’m seven years old 😘😘😍😍😍

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      Faustino Marquez

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  11. Thank

  12. 💜 this is awesome for my sister this is the only thing she likes 💜

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      i dont under stand i speak in english

  17. In see something blue song at first the girl got pink thing and then it
    change then it change again!?!

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    I like popcorn pizza, YUM

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  19. My little brother like this video

  20. i like, wanderful.

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