How to tie your shoes super fast! *Life Hack

Here is me showing you how you can connect your shoes in an extremely fast way, and it's A LOT EASIER compared to the stupid rabbit tree ears whatever approach. Appreciate!

My friend, MsVixenVampire, is the girl behind-the-scenes.

History music is from


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  1. L Kururugi (The Apex Truthseeker 荣誉)

    *5th* attempt: OH Crap I GOT IT!!!

    *Tries again with confidence:* *& Somehow makes a cat’s cradle…*


    1. And the silver spoon. Baa.

  2. Mason Friedrichsen

    They both have the most gay voices in history.

    1. Mason Friedrichsen anime is gay

    2. Bartz you can’t call Anime gay if you haven’t seen it

    3. Bartz only girls like the gay part in anime, but there are anime genres
      called harem. I’d usually be the dude in a harem. Usually in harem anime,
      the main protagonist gets surrounded by girls which the girls might seduce
      the protagonist and in the back of that harem, there are tsunderes.

    4. They sound more like kid friendly voices like the ones you would find on a
      kids show.

    5. +Arturo Arreola No they sound high and squeaky, like they never finished

  3. Does this work with red shoes?

    1. Joey Biener (Kyrophis)

      i did it on red shoes before i read your question… my future it’s brim…

    2. Falkuda this made it in cowbells channel lmao

    3. Christopher Palermo

      Falkuda it works with any I did it with a diffrerent brand

  4. 😐I dident under stand anything 😐

  5. didn’t work for me because ever time I’m on the last step the loop goes
    through the other


    1. The glitch was patched with the latest update

  7. A dead channel huh?

  8. this should titled”how to cringe with gay voices super fast!*life suck”

  9. dickhead this is ian’s knot give him credit

  10. can I do this with red ones

    1. Copying? You’re the one with a fucking bleach bottle profile picture.

  11. This will be patched in update 1.81

    Best regards,

  12. Does this also work with red shoes?

  13. Fucking dad works at Microsoft and I will have him ban you, you

  14. Hack got patched, I’m reporting for false advertising




  16. Does this work with red shoes???

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