How to Make Your Shoes Waterproof

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  1. ok but why does he have an hairdryer?
    he’s bald.

    1. He has a wife and kid

    2. Hannah Kirsten Lapuz

      Well I didn’t know so chill haha

    3. killerkamikaze NO!

    4. lumberJACK. for his pube hairs😂😂

  2. great… after you got those waterproof shoes.. they ain’t gonna say “What
    Are Those” at you.. I guess only Water-Those..

    1. how to get rid of the white stuff semen

    2. Uh!!!! Rubbish, not even funny and don’t work – what wax and semen, ummmm!!

    3. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂


  3. Does this work with converse

    1. +Claudia Gaucin2341 what about brake shoes or horse shoes?

    2. +STABtheCLAM why r we still here? Let’s find out😂

    3. no it only work with vans 😂 jk

  4. why does he have a hair drier?

    1. Steve Davis he used to have hair check his old videos hahahahahaha

    2. Matei And Nicky Rapiteanu And Micu

      He has fiance!

    3. Short films for You

      Steve Davis for his friend dave in the vid or you

  5. Cool hack. But dude…nobody has shoes like that. LOL

    1. +LL Mcbee ты абсолютно дурак и больше всего он же русский. значит у него
      гораздо разные обуви чем у вас в Америке.

    2. They’re actually Tom’s.

    3. +Tubular Topher Tom wouldn’t be caught dead in them.

  6. Syed Mohammed Faizuddin

    Was I the only smart one who thought of using beeswax instead??

    1. Probably not, Alec xD

    2. Syed Mohammed Faizuddin yea. I’m thinking about using beeswax too.

  7. Will it work on Nike Tanjuns?

    1. i think it only would work on like suede shoes?

    2. +Clorox Bleach dude almost in every video I’ve seen ur their what are you
      the God of YouTube

    3. Kaven Garcia there is many different Clorox bleaches

    4. Jack Moriarty your right if you search up Clorox bleach it shows a whole
      bunch of channels

  8. What if I use safety shoes will it work too?

  9. does this work just as well for leather boots?

    1. Emily Kaulback No, the candle wax won’t stick to leather 🙂

  10. He has probably just revealed the secret ingredient to the product
    ‘NeverWet’ aha😂😉

  11. I tried Never Wet and it made a scratchy weird texture. can you do product
    reviews on some shoe water proofing products?

  12. I was just trying to find one comment that claims it works, then I
    remembered comment sections on everything are overrun by trolls lol

  13. “see how fast the white stuff disappears?” Monica Lewinsky take note

  14. What about my jordan’s/Nike basketball shoe’s? and do i need a hair drier
    because i don’t have one. Plus WHAT ARE THOSE!?!?!?!

    1. Suleman Mostufa shoes

    2. Suleman Mostufa there Russian shoes

    3. andre kirlenko 12s

    4. Suleman Mostufa what about yeezys

  15. How long will it stay water proof?

    1. maybegabbe 2 rains

    2. TheMuteBuild // NewBuildmini

      Thats why it’s simpler to buy boots.

  16. How to make your shoes water proof

    Buy some crep protect

  17. i know its not water poo

  18. What about white canvas shoes? I’m a bit afraid of staining it

  19. Heeeeehhheee…comedy scene

  20. can you do it on gloves

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