GTA 5 Online – 3 NEW GLITCHES & TRICKS (Rare Clothing Glitch, Launch Glitch & Secret Wallbreach)

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LaazrGaming Provides A Brand "NEW" Grand Theft Automobile V Online Glitches/Tricks/Methods, A brand-new wallbreach Glitch that will enable you to accessibility A "TRICK AREA" withing GTA 5 Online!
These Glitches are WORKING after Patches 1.27/ 1.29 on PS3/ Xbox 360 and also 1.35 Following Gen ps4/ Xbox one, COMPUTER.




Gameplay of Grand Burglary Car V (Computer game).
Available on: Playstation 3 (Ps3), Playstation 4 (Ps4), Xbox 360, Xbox one and also January 27th, 2015 for COMPUTER.


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  1. how do you get the checkerboard outfit

    1. +Alex P no it’s a glitch

    2. you boohoo. ni

    3. Freestyle king patched it

    4. wow sow Fundy

  2. how do you do your recording

    1. +Itz MAGiiCz i have a xbox 1

    2. +Carlos Warren for xb1 u can snap on game dvr and do a 5 min recordin btw
      wats ur gt so I can add u

  3. how do you do the car park glitch on ps4? the link you share is for xbox

    1. Just change your settings to ps4 on social club

    2. wow sow Fundy keep it up!

  4. How did you get in the train’s cockpit

    1. get to the front of the train.
      then drink a can of coke.
      then just before you finish your drink.
      press pause button.
      then you should be in

    2. how did you not get a life

    3. tayfee by not talking to fags like you

  5. I can't pronounce this name but ok


    1. I can't pronounce this name but ok

      +chucky is back who are you talking about

    2. *Latest working $ glitch **** it while it still works!
      I made 500million of cash with it*

  6. Lol I’m just waiting for someone 2 comment that he’s stuck in wallbreach

    1. dylan

    2. Bahriakuleta asllani


  7. dm ll GTA Freemode ll

    hey, im looking for a RNG crew

    1. dm ll GTA Freemode ll

      +Texas 817 Srry im on ps4

    2. +Alex P im on ps4 too…anthonySAL11

    3. Whats that? I’m on ps4

    4. +Charlie G Watch my vids & sub yeah

    5. that’s not Alex play’s

  8. I have a question, how do you record videos, without livestreaming on the
    ps4? im new to this, and i want to upload more videos without taking up a
    lot of the internet!? Please help!

    1. You hold the sharebutton press options and then you go to recording
      settings you put it to 15 minutes you go back into your game and you double
      tap the share button a red dot appears in the upper left corner of your
      screen enjoy

    2. Well how do you stop it?

    3. And how do you add commentary

    4. +DMaximum Musics just find a turetorial

  9. it’s really weird to hear you speaking with your own accent after watching
    your videos with american and french accents..

    1. +The Doge because it’s funny

    2. Skoti89 off MN


  11. old subscriber.. but great video thumbs up

    1. frets xx,tj ringing l lo

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  12. keep up the great vids man;}

    1. Hеуууу уоutubeееrs, I triеd mаny timе but it’s just nоt wоrking fоr mеЕЕЕnjоу!!
      GТА 5 Оnlinее 3 NЕЕЕЕW GLIТCHЕS ТRICКS Rаrе Clоthing Glitсh Lаunсh Glitсh
      Sесrеt Wаllbreасh

    2. فسق.

    3. Ann Nowak

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