DC and Ken Block existing Gymkhana 5: Ultimate Urban Play area; San Francisco.
Shot on the actual roads of San Francisco, The golden state, GYM5 includes a focus on rapid, raw and also precise driving activity. Filmed over four days, director Ben Conrad as well as his group are back to service their 2nd Gymkhana production and also delivered the whole city of San Francisco as Ken Block's personal gymkhana playground. DC Footwears also gave fellow DC athlete as well as long time Ken Block close friend, Travis Pastrana, to make a cameo appearance on his dirtbike, as well as S.F. resident Jake Phelps of Thrasher Magazine fame additionally makes a cameo as Block hoons S.F. in his most unbelievable Gymkhana yet.

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  1. crazy capital T (Tyty)

    3:37-RIP GoPro

    1. crazy capitalT m mnbnbbbhhbjxgghu7uyuyy nb są p7pl7l7ty

    2. crazy capitalT ur rite

    3. crazy capital T

    4. Rust in pepperoni

  2. 3:37 – did Ken just drop his GoPro?

    1. Weight loss bro.

    2. so true !!!! 😂😂😂😂

    3. valentina veciunca

      largol33t1 cv can. ::/’ mom,

  3. I think this is the best gymkhana video.

    1. yes better than 8 and 9

    2. Totally!

    3. lego technic

  4. Who else came back just for nostalgia sake?

    1. what did I just put

    2. rZrctn

    3. +MINI BEAST My name?

  5. Kristian Chruickshank

    My mother got a Ford Focus!! 180 Hp xD I feel like ken block when I drive
    it lol xD

    1. my sis got a fiesta rs xD i feel like ken block when i drive it lol xD

    2. The Fiesta RS Doesn’t exist, the 2 High performance versions of the Fiesta
      are the Regular Sport, and the ST

    3. +Stefan Rood i was joking lol

    4. No you don,t

  6. esses carros são aspirados ?

    1. o focus sim mas o subaru e o mustang nao pelo que eu vi

    2. é um fiesta nao?

    3. Carlos Alexandre

  7. The most impressive things about this video: the editing and the fact they
    were able to shut down the Golden Gate for this.

    1. They were on the Oakland bay bridge

    2. +ZmanTheBurger either way, impressive

    3. +robotguy ik, im just amazed that they could shut that bridge down. i live
      a few hours away and love to visit the city, and everytime ive gone down
      there, the bridge is packed with hundreds of cars in line.

    4. Ruben “Elite” De la cruz

      robotguy umm that’s the bay bridge

    5. +Ruben De la cruz yes, others have mentioned that above.

  8. why nobody is here at streets of city ?

    1. Simran grewal they closed the area for gymkhana 5

  9. wait wait. is that front wheel drive?

    1. No. all wheel drive.

    2. Yeah, it’s all wheel drive, just like in every gymkhana.

    3. How should ken hoon the fiesta if it was front wheel drive? it doesn’t make

  10. imagine how much psychological damage he’s kids get when he drives them to

  11. Am I the only one who would be curious about how Ken’s machines would
    perform on main race tracks like Nordschleife, Spa, Suzuka, Silverstone,
    Monza, Mugello, Snaefell, Indianapolis Oval, and on a 1/4 and 1 mile drag

    1. +Collin B What about some car set ups?

    2. Collin “cbenz” B

      what do you mean? theyre designed for rally stages, not a tarmac racetrack
      per say

    3. +Collin B I meant that they can lenghten the gear ratios and as you can see
      Ken is driving on tarmac in this video.

    4. Máté Ágoston .

  12. Trump is the man. He doesn’t need the California Commies to win.

    1. Just the Russian ones.

    2. Francisco Wellington

      David Rudolph crazy

  13. my god how he do that such kind of drift…that was insane…….😁

  14. geez, he is literally drifting around my neighborhood, but why the hell
    there is no one and no car on the street?

    1. The Ugly 7 police blocks it off so he can do his stunts

  15. Ken block is a legend in drifting. I hope I get see him do something like
    this in my area

  16. やっぱりスワッチゎ変えた方がいいかな


  17. dislike!

  18. Why buy a lamborgini… if you can buy a Ford :D

  19. I’ll leand this guy the keys of my Ford Fiesta

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