5 Shirt Tricks Men Probably Don’t Know

When to tuck …

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  1. I love how sarcastic Andrew sounded

  2. About the tucking part of shirts, I think the ones with curved parts look
    better tucked out.

    1. It really depends on the shirt length and how curved the shirt is. If it
      hangs just below or right the groin area then tucked in may suit you
      better. If the shirt resembles an arrowhead then yes tuck it in.

    2. +China Dee lol

    3. Band collar shirts are NEVER a good idea.

    4. Rawr Defender
      that sounded backwards to me too, but I’m basing that off of a dress code
      regarding womens’ shirts.

  3. Hello everyone. I’m using Internet explorer,
    I hope this comment gets here in time.
    Happy new Year 2004.

    1. +byejaco and this video on 2015 😂

    2. Shurfine Lavender Scent Bleach

      ˇThat makes no sense, youtube wasnt even a thing in 2004.
      You tried, but you failed.

    3. wwwxxcom

  4. Michelle Smirnova

    I LOVE shirts, I always shop at the men’s section when I’m buying shirts xD

    1. & I always at Women’s section😆

    2. +Moham Ali nonce

    3. girls have shirts too doe

    4. Rajashekhar Ninganure

      Mr2awesome h

  5. Nilesh kumar chouhan

    this video is just a copy of #Alpha m.

    1. Nilesh kumar chouhan YES

  6. The ending turned me on.

  7. Kennedy got shot in the head so NO it’s not good enough for me !

    1. it just means that you become popular enough to motivate people to
      assassinate you!

  8. Do this for women oh wait saying woman don’t know everything would be

  9. Kennedy got shot, though

  10. buzzfeed is cancer tho

    1. John Doe

      managed by cucks

  11. How to get a hard straight collar?

  12. Where can I get That collar stays?

    1. Le Greg I dont think they sell it separately. It always comes with the
      shirt itself..
      Or you can ask the decent shirt store for it.. They’re also called collar

    2. Thx . I will check !

    3. Kohls, WalMart, Amazon

  13. Really 0:31 you put a gay guy with a pink shirt on…. *falmpalm*

    1. i’m sure he is straight

  14. 0:23 well we know how that worked out

  15. just cuz its mean to be tucked dont mean you have to. Depending on the
    shirt and look, sometimes it looks better to leave it out.

  16. You probably gonna f*ck that up! lol

  17. the best way is to wear nthing n go nude.

  18. why would men not know this?

  19. you must have gutter language in this video too?

  20. The passive aggressive narration tho😂

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