5 LIFE HACKS that will change your life – Waterproof shoes and more!

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Hey people! Just how are you?

You truly liked my previous 6 Life Hacks video clip so I made a decision making the 2nd part:-RRB- In today's video clip I'll show you 5 outstanding life hacks that will certainly change your life. Allow me recognize in the comment area below which one did you like the most as well as if you want more video clip such as this!

I hope you appreciated this tutorial, do not wait to write me a comment in the area listed below, I need to know your viewpoint!


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  1. Natalie Aerenlund

    Hands up if you always thought he was a girl.


    1. UT! Frisk -_- l



    3. UT! Frisk -_- *Raises hand* SOOOO..? you like Frisk mmh? xD

    4. UT! Frisk -_- 11

  2. I like what you did with the toothpaste to the shoes

    1. The Diamond Minecart // DanTDM

      it was a candle not not toothpaste

    2. Rachel Zhang ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

      The Diamond Minecart // DanTDM it was toothpaste

  3. Can I clean my shoes also when they not ”leder”? (I’m sorry I dont know
    the english word for leder)

    1. Bjørn Funch Schrøder Nielsen 2015y

      no, you shouldn’t do it to leather.

    2. Iris stieger
      I think u can it’ll make it shiny

    3. I have leather shoes

  4. may I please know what software do you use to edit videos!!???? 😭😭

    1. He uses final cut pro

  5. will the toothpaste recipe remove the yellow in my shoes?

    1. LA LA yes

    2. gary balasanyan

  6. my stan smith shoes are now clean with your idea. THANK YOU

    1. try using hydrogen peroxide to unyellow them too (they have a video

    2. Did you wash the toothpaste off or not? I want to try this hack and I’m not

    3. i tried it and it works perfectly

    4. +Jimmy Jimmy gamer ok thx

  7. omgg theseone with toothpaste to the shoes is fantastic i try it and my
    stansmith are very whrite now

    1. +nader esd
      yes I think my sister doing this in her bleu shoes and now its look like
      news but don’t doing this at black shoes because the color don’t look soo
      beutiful if you do this

      sorry for my english I from in greece :’)

    2. No prob im from tunisia

    3. +nader esd
      aa ok

    4. I hate the add that was just on

    5. Katia A Do you think it could work with black?? *Pretty stupid ik..*

  8. I want a waterproof shoe but not a yellowish or dirty white color

    1. I actually want the off-white vintage creamish colour after waxing.

      Will this do this to my white canvas shoes?

    2. u can buy Crep spray online and it makes ur shoes completley resistant to
      anything without the tint

    3. Karan Pratap Singh

      xoxocarmieee Anissa burst.

    4. WakeUp4MakeUp withMegan

      Could you use a different colored candle wax to make them pink, blue, etc?

    5. Deki the pudding :3

      +WakeUp4MakeUp withMegan probably

  9. Moral of the video is that Colgate
    should be used to clean anything
    …but your teeth.

    1. +Replayz God
      No, but I’ve been reading up on a lot of famous/well known cleaning brands
      (including Colgate), and I learned that they have some harmful ingredients
      in there products.

    2. +Vikas Singhal ha

  10. the toothpaste one did not work on blue shoes

    1. now my dads shoes are white full of colgate

    2. DarkPurpleFlower really?

    3. +Adni Mokhtar yes

    4. Any of you who wants to help each other by subscribing

  11. Cute cupcake lover123

    If this hack ruins my adidas you will pay!!!!!!

    1. Candle absorbs Soil and dirt too

    2. my new shoe ruins too

    3. Oh, i feek Sorry for that but hey, you’ll get a new one 😉

  12. But the white shoe drastically turned yellow when she scrubbed the

    1. Mr. Poopchillan *he

    2. Mr. Poopchillan you have to get true white candles tho and he didnt

  13. *cleaning my shoes with Colgate toothpaste*

    Mom: Where’re my toothpaste?!!

    1. Chara “Glory” Dreemurr


    2. malaysia ada

    3. 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    4. Hyun kim 😂😂😂😂😂

  14. is it imp to clean your shoes from Colgate white max or any of them will be

    1. I also want to know

  15. What is the stuff the person uses to create water proof shoes

    1. King La Serna wax from a candle

  16. does the shoelace needs to wait for 15 minutes too?

  17. my dad said if i cant get 50 likes i cant get a hamster idea all ways
    Wanted one please😀🐶it would make my day

    1. plus give me a idea of wich name i should call him

  18. simply just use Clorox and an old toothbrush or one u don’t use, then dip
    it into the Clorox and scrub the stain away

  19. the cleaning shoes hack helped me a lot

  20. can the toothpaste be blue or does it have to be white??

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