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Hi buddies! I'm delighted to share with you all my 19 must-try "fashion hacks" every lady should try! I hope you enjoy this video as well as find it valuable for those all also common towels struggles. If you want to see more DIY fashion hack videos such as this please give it a thumb up as well as share your remarks listed below.

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. Some added notes not mentioned in the video clip. Eliminating deodorant spots: a wool sock or set of jeans can commonly work if
you don't have an anti-static sheet layer around. The Perfect Cuff: An additional idea, try keeping the top-most switch on the sleeve buttoned to assist the cuff from loosening throughout the day. The Sticky Bra: These price between $15- $50 and are not single usage.

You could use them over and over once more. They use fine in warmth, even if you're sweating. Eventually the edges loose their stickiness, this is how you recognize it's time to change it! Excessive fragrance: To avoid this issue completely, just give a fast spray on the back of your wrist and
rear of your neck for a soft scent that isn't really over-powering. Style tape: Likewise functions wonders for fixing broken hems in a pinch!. 8 Beauty Hacks, do they actually work?.

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  1. damn ur so beautiful

    1. no it’s because she just is stfu

    2. +Dare Me what its mean stfu?? stands for??

    3. +TwentyØneAtTheFallOutDisco! 101 hahhaha okay:D

  2. fat ppl like me can’t wear sticky bra 😆🤔🤔

    1. Cause we got bigggggggg boobs 😂😂😂

    2. +Fritzie Tina wwikwwke

    3. 1hqhqhqh1h11ii2o3l3lel3lokjj

  3. Sticky bras are only good for girls with small boobs. Doesn’t work on
    double D’s.

    1. I wish I was double D. double G sucks balls

    2. E here. Had to wear a stickybra as a bridesmaid for the run-through, bride-
      a B – insisted it would be fine. It fell off multiple times, and looked so
      awful that the bride was in hysterical tears over it. I was allowed to wear
      a strapless low-back after that.

  4. Where can u get airbrush legs?

    1. But First, Coffee

      Any drugstore or makeup-type store. I believe Ulta sells it too

  5. 1 million views but 79 thousand subscribers 😕

    1. I watched but I’m not subscribed!

    2. +Lynne Cartwright Oh wow 😛

    3. cuz it doesn’t shows videos to only people who are subscribed. you can
      watch the video and not be subscribed

  6. I LOVE the “Dear Coffee, I love you”-Canvas in the background! Where’d you
    get it? 😆

    1. But First, Coffee

      thank you! it was a gift <3

  7. With the soda tab hack that I see everywhere, why couldn’t you just hang
    the hanger around the neck of the other hanger? No hate, genuinely
    interested if there’s a problem with that way.🤔🤔

    1. But First, Coffee

      hey! if it’s only of the swivel top hangers it would prob work, but most
      are too stiff so they wouldn’t lay flat. the tabs help them hang lower so
      they lay flat 🙂

    2. +But First, Coffee Oh, ok. I don’t really mind. I just hang them on each

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  8. May I ask what lipstick and lipstick shade you are wearing?! I absolutly
    LOVE it!

  9. You have some great tips my favorite was probably the airbursh leg hack!

  10. now I can’t concentrate on the antique jewlery,only on the blinking eyes

  11. OMG this zip hack is the Freaking best

  12. You look like the actress that place Rachel in Suits… beautiful 😍

  13. Good

  14. lol I subscribed right after she said the name of her channel😂 coffee for

  15. HUBDUB

  16. 1:16 or you can wash your clothes

  17. any girls wanna chat on kik, message me at bostonfan84h6

  18. For all of you non soda drinkers, you can use binder clips instead of soda

  19. I love your eyes!!

  20. I had to write this comment to get out 

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