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  1. the first one will be foiled especially if u have ladies in the house
    hold…. and if i find money in my pad package u aint gettin it back

    1. +Irish King ?

    2. Tyler Serafin nothinging

    3. +Irish King English please.

    4. Tyler Serafin sorry I’m doing my best

    5. +YourBoyPranksterGangster You have problems. Please just kill yourself, we
      need to rid people like you of our planet.

  2. haha the intro

    1. Colin Vos NUMNUMNUMNUM

    2. Colin Vos lol. that damn cat.

    3. lowest common Denomanator

      Colin Vos I think that’s the heavy from tf2

    4. +lowest common Denomanator yeah I think so

  3. soft and pregnant whaat

    1. +Aaraf Rahman This guy has a slight lisp. That is why you’ve heard
      “pregnant” instead of “fragrant.”

  4. 1:00 “so you would get that kind of thing” 😂😂😂

    1. Sabrina Tsang so you would get a dildo

    2. Sabrina Tsang “and by tearing it off you can get dat trouble” 😂😂😂

  5. Now I know why my sister got new shoes.

    1. Este guey dijo…. why?

    2. Este guey dijo…. nice

    3. Este guey dijo…. vginatowels???

    4. never mind.

  6. Maybe the BEST channel on YouTube. Very helpful!

    1. Spike 55 lol, what do you mean?

  7. 99% sure the cat is a she. Damn genetics on fur color.

    1. Well, then ‘he’ is super rare, since calico cats are mostly females… Then
      I bet this guy thinks she is a he

    2. Gusstavv’s Stuff you don’t know whether it’s a she or he dumbass.

    3. +LPS Country Paws read my previous comment before showing how dumb you are.
      Have a good day.

    4. +Gusstavv’s Stuff Do you seriously think that a cat owner does not know its

    5. +Danilo Borovinic As I said, it’s super rare and maybe Cookie is actually a
      male. And I wouldn’t discard that possibility, since in cats it’s quite
      frequent that owners don’t know its own cat sex.

  8. 1:44 BONER ALERT!

    1. Duskie zz

    2. Duskie wow I didn’t notice that until u said it *sigh* you have a dirty mind

    3. Baug20 Aj Come on! Its just a joke Lad • 3 •

    4. VISUAL CANCER!!!!! GAMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      man its pretty hard….

  9. Arthur Van Vlierberghe

    i like to see your cat, my cat died a couple months ago

    1. I heard it to

    2. Arthur Van Vlierberghe same

    3. Arthur Van Vlierberghe so sad

  10. Do not staple your shows, rubber sole boots help prevent you from being
    electrocuted, sadding staples could kill you

    1. Not to mention metal could scratch some surfaces or even be more slippery
      on smooth surfaces

    2. Michael Newell and by the way you wouldn’t be electrocuted unless the
      staples went all the way threw the sole in which case you have other

  11. I subbed for 3 reasons:
    1: Awesome and helpful.
    2: Well explained

    1. Redstone Beast so true

    2. AGREED

    1. ProsiakPL tak 😀

  12. I walk in bare feet a lot. And your staple idea worked great! But my wife
    complains about blood on the carpet.

    1. Luna-Chan,TheAnimeLover 105

      Dave B I get it! lol omg XD XD!

  13. i thought this was ibxtoycat but still love these videos

  14. Shulker The Accuser

    2:47 who do u lookin at hooman?

  15. this sock is cute xD

  16. 0:33 i wont do that to my shoe it will explode!!?!!

  17. 0:08 That cat sound…

  18. more cat life hacks please

  19. That intro was


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