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  1. what a waste of time watching this video

  2. Who on earth puts their t-shirts on hangers?

  3. LOL right? 

  4. Hey! I hang my t-shirts and that was pretty neat! And jeans in the freezer?
    Not sure why but I’ll try it. Thanks! I fold my bf’s t-shirts all the time
    and THAT trick works awesome! Thanks again.

  5. how can you clean your jeans by putting them into a freezer ?

  6. Cool!

  7. boiling kills bacteria, but freezing them kills them too.

  8. oooo, interesting !!! :DDD thanks for the info

  9. lies… 62 seconds

  10. you have 3ds?

  11. I admire a guy who can’t take care of himself and his clothes & stuff
    (organized and clean ) makes him so attractive to me =)

  12. How do you do the shirt folding?

    1. look up how to fold a shirt in under two seconds

  13. ‘oh you dont know how to do this? let me do it as fast as i can so you cant

    1. My thoughts exactly.

  14. AmpangZai Kenny How


    1. +OMG Google+ sucks or… kills bacteria causing odor??!

  15. toss your tennis shoes in the washer… ive washed my leather Adidas –
    Nikes and new Balance at least 4 to 5 times a year and they always come out
    lookin new

    1. I’m aware that this comment is a year old but it’s a good idea to put the
      shoes in a clean pillowcase first

  16. There are certainly some neat tricks here. And not just for guys…. I’m a
    mom and sometimes you need to get things done really fast in between
    meltdowns. Hanging the shirts was a neat idea. As was he folding them
    really fast like that. Now, I’m not sure putting my little boys’ jeans in
    the freezer would even come close to cleaning them, but I guess for non
    stained ones, it would kill the bacteria. 

  17. LOL I have never seen anyone hang tee shirts! Great tips!

  18. all lies 61 seconds

  19. can you water cool my ps3

  20. Who knew that mark zuckerberg was making youtube videos now.

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