Elsa Frozen Vanity Costume Jewelry Dress Up Halloween Costume My Size Elsa Doll DisneyCarToys

DisneyCarToys Frozen Elsa Outfit Fashion jewelry transformation and also Halloween Outfit Spruce up with Sandra! Sandra dresses up as Elsa in a beautiful Elsa Halloween Costume and gets a fashion jewelry remodeling by the My Dimension Elsa doll. Sandra uses the Frozen Crystal Kingdom vanity to put on her new Icy flick themed jewelries, ring and necklace. The Crystal Kingdom Frozen Vanity set radiances with Disney Princess Anna and Elsa in the mirror and a cartoon of them much like the Icy movie. In this plaything evaluation video clip, DisneyCar Toys reviews the Crystal Kingdom vanity. The Frozen Elsa's Jewelry set features 1 Elsa necklace, jewelries and a ring.

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This video features the My Size Disney Frozen Elsa doll that mores than 3 feet tall as well as features a pretty Elsa snow dress as well as her common Frozen doll braid.

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    1. Sandra look better

    2. Zahid Iqbal Mm

      quite a

    3. Zahid Iqbal

    4. Zahid Iqbal r

    5. Zahid Iqbal

  1. Sandra

    1. I agree with you because I think that Sandra fit her better than Elsa but
      if it didn’t fit any of you I would pick Elsa because it will look better
      on Elsa but it fits you better on you and because Elsa can’t fit the ring
      on the right finger and the errors don’t fit Elsa at the right fingers

    2. Rhonda Solien

    3. Nicole Oister g

  2. Sandra I think you should have the jewelry

  3. You keep it not Elsa. 😀😆😁😇🙄

  4. sandra should keep it sorry elsa none for you!

  5. Sandra i think you should keep the Jewerly

    1. joan recinto qq

  6. Claudette Hunter-Duffus

    I think you should keep the jewelry

  7. sandra i think you beter keep the juleries.

  8. sandra you keep it and I love your dress

  9. sandra should keep the jewelry

    1. maryanne morgan both

    2. maryanne morgan

    3. maryanne morgan ,

    4. Cornelia Schönbichler

      maryanne morga

  10. sander I think you should where the jewelry.

  11. Dharshanna Jayasagaran

    Sandra should keep the jewellery

  12. You should keep the jewelry not Elsa

  13. hi Sandra I love your hair it is so pretty

  14. Divyashree shrikanth

    Sandra you need to keep the goolri

  15. Sandra should keep the jewelery

  16. sandra should keep it

  17. you should keep the jewelry and elsa keep the necles

  18. Sandra I think you should keep the jelrey ☺😁

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