20 Instagram Hacks For A Perfect Feed

Had a lot enjoyable making as well as editing this. Hope you unicorns take pleasure in and also get to working with those LIT Insta feeds. Right here's mine, let me know what u believe:-RRB-.

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FTC: This video clip is not funded. Shot as well as edited by me ^_^.


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  1. RAISE YOUR HAND IF YOU WANT A LIT INSTAFEED?! (Also hit that ‘thumbs up’
    button, I know you wanna) 😋

    1. I recommend FanLeak. com for followers. They always deliver!

    2. 🙋🏼🙋🏼🙋🏼🙋🏼🙋🏼🙋🏼

    3. Evelina you are so awesome thx a lot

  2. throughout this video I kept thinking.. I have the worst feed ever 😂

    1. LOL you’re totally not alone 😂 follow me on IG: myk_ha_ela

    2. Same!! follow me: loveest23
      then I follow you back

    3. naomi david omg SAME😂😂😂 I was like… i really need a theme.

  3. this is the first HELPFUL instagram feed video i’ve seen!! thank u evelina

    1. same thoughts, great video

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  4. I’m obsessed with instagram. 😩

    1. +AminiS R I m sorry … but Thats how I am … peace

    2. Me too😂

    3. me too! @sanjanakarkera

    4. CarolaneCP ziti sve

  5. When you already follow Evelina on ig so she didn’t have to ask you 💁🏾.

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    1. its been over a month and i still dont know how to use it

    2. i havn’t noticed bahaha

    3. OMG same!! It’s so bad, i hope they change it!

    4. Izzy Donovon this is random but I’ve been with Evelin’s since 150k and
      she’s really changed, I’m not a huge fan anymore, hence why I’m not subbed
      anymore. 🙁 her videos are still great quality though, I’m not hating

  7. dont_dunderestimate_me

    I’m too lazy to do this, I just post whatever i feel like posting and i
    don’t have a theme at all

    1. Афдотья Сташевская

      I thought this what Instagram was about XD and now I am exposed to this
      thing. This is weird

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    1. quite impressive

  15. I find it so hard to stick to a theme on my insta

    1. Ess Mia tbh same

  16. “but if you’re a psychopath like me, this is for you” – I’m hooked

  17. Ciao Bella! Great tips , you made me realise I was more focused on the
    content than on how my feed looks like lol… best tip from your video:
    tell a story. Thumbs up!

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    1. Thanks for sharing


  20. what if we all followed each other on Instagram?
    drop your account x

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