12 Travel Packing Tips: Howdini Hacks

Finally! Your getaway is here, but the thought of loading all your stuff into one traveling bag is freaking you out. Howdini Hacks shares some space-saving traveling packing ideas so that you won't have to leave anything behind– except for the anxiety.

– Fold as well as roll to conserve space: 0:09
– Stuff shoes with little products in resealable plastic bags: 0:25
– Utilize the overlapping layer formation technique for jeans, jackets as well as gowns: 0:42
– Load sports jackets inside out ti stay clear of creases: 1:05
– Refill travel-size containers for hair shampoo as well as conditioner: 1:15
– Place cling wrap over the containers to stay clear of leakages and spills in the bag: 1:32
– Use prescription containers for cotton swabs: 1:42
– Get in touch with cases a terrific to save structure or various other make-up as well as little needs: 1:50
– Maintain fragile fashion jewelry protected thanks to press n seal plastic wrap: 2:03
– Secure jewelries together via openings of switches: 2:26
– Ditch hefty books and publication. Go digital: 2:41
– Slip the hefty stuff right into your traveling companion's bag: 2:54

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This video is about packaging and also getaways


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  1. Thank you! This really helped

    1. +Naima Nader Thank YOU for watching! Glad to hear this helped.

  2. I’m going to China in two weeks, and this is super helpful.

    1. +Phil Beidron Thanks for the compliments XD I’m Chinese :3

    2. Travel Hack hi

    3. Travel Hack

  3. Travel Tip: wear your shoes, don’t pack them

    1. Right! Thats what I always do when travelling 😊 Haha..

    2. 1 isn’t enough at least 4 shoes

    3. That’s when you’re backpacking to Europe, but, when you are traveling first
      class all the way through you need at least three pairs: 1) dress shoes, 2)
      sport shoes, 3) comfy shoes for the flight 🙂

  4. Yeah, because things stuffed with plastic bags isn’t suspicious.

    1. I always do that

    2. Live 4 the memes die 4 the memes

      I mean it really isn’t

  5. Wow this looks super helpful. I’m going to Poland for 2 weeks one week from
    today. I was nervous about packing since this is my first international
    flight in 15 years. But I love these tips. Thank you 🙂 your awesome

    1. +HeyIt’sMalak!​ I sure will

    2. +Lelosa Imasuen great!! I’m also going to Morocco and Spain in only 1
      week!!! Hella excited

    3. +HeyIt’sMalak! omg Moracco sounds like paradise and Spain sounds perfect.
      Have fun.b

    4. +Lelosa Imasuen I will for sure! Thanks for your reply!

  6. IM going to CHina for 7 weeks

    1. WHAT!? 7 WEEKS, THAT’S A LONG TIME! Have Fun! 🙂

    2. If you going to China for 7 weeks, do not pack so much. Only pack exactly
      what you need and is pricey, the rest you can buy it there and make it
      disposable since China is the place for buying really cheap and to use
      anything once and dispose of it ASAP, no joke 🙂

  7. fluffy Mc flufferson

    who packs enough magazines to weigh down the back

  8. what about weight

  9. can u suggest the things i must take with me to canada from asia

    1. some warm clothes Canada is super cold in winter haha

  10. Tip:if u hv to carry a glass item like a glass bottle or avshow piece ,
    place it on the cloth u hv to pack n just roll it down.keep it between
    other apparels n ur safe:)

  11. Tip:if u hv to carry a glass item like a glass bottle or avshow piece ,
    place it on the cloth u hv to pack n just roll it down.keep it between
    other apparels n ur safe:)

  12. TheChocolateFan 47

    I’m not meaning to say it in a rude way but scientifically proven that a
    things (e.g t shirts tops trousers leggings)will still take as much space
    as usual even if you rolled it or however you have folded it. clothes will
    not take less space if you roll them it’s just the same it’s just a
    different shape…

  13. very helpful indeed. thanks 😃

  14. smart idea ty

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  16. Love it.. I’m going on my first trip.. And I can really use these hacks
    considering I’d have to carry a lot of warm clothes!

  17. Hmmmm Yummy Enyikk Enyikkk

  18. i go every year in August for a month how many outfit i should bring to nj?
    i hangout with my uncle he goes home so he have his wife does my laundry

  19. Hey, I work as an Image Consultant in Bangalore. I found your video very
    helpful. Could I share the same on my Facebook page ?

  20. Ann-Sophie Neuscheler

    This also helps I’m going to Germany in one month

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