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  1. Where is Behati?

    1. Ana Alice Cardoso Faria it looks an awful lot like behati! what’s anne’s
      last name?

    2. Ana Alice Cardoso Faria

      +Adeline Geul anne Vyalitsyna

    3. Maroon 5

    4. Ana Alice Cardoso Faria

      Kathleen Gillespie ??

  2. Harold Edward Styles

    And then there’s me,a potato

    1. Anna Ehrhardt

    2. Harold Edward Styles

    3. Harold Edward Styles
      wo, kế

    4. Harold Edward Styles マ?ということとは思うけど

  3. Is that his wife that he kissed

    1. +mattia salvetti That is not his wife dumbass

    2. I know. she was his girlfriend

    3. That was his girlfriend that time. She was also the girl in M5’s music
      video “Misery” if I’m not mistaken.

  4. Omg can I be tall in the next life pleaseee

    1. Trust me, I’m 5’10 and it’s so hard being tall as a girl

    2. Lara Baumert why

    3. Lara Baumert i feel you, but im 5’6 or 5″7 and im 14, its hard being around
      your friends that are like 4 and 5 ft

    4. sarah coz being tall is painful often 😉

    5. If someone is a pretty girl, it will be better to be a bit taller than most
      girls, like 175cm~180cm (female model height, could be over 180cm). If not
      a pretty girl…I think being tall helps nothing but worse. No one think
      Nicole Kidman, Charlize Theron, Julia Roberts, and Taylor Swift…make
      mistake for being tall girls, u know what I mean.

  5. 2017 ?😍😍😍

    1. Diogo Fortunato 2011

    2. 2017 😀

  6. Oh my god Karlie Kloss looks god awful here. She’s so beautiful, her body
    looks so fragile and malnourished 😭 hopefully she’s improved 🙁 amazing

    1. Paris Nouri you should see her walking for elie Saab! I think she gained a
      bit weight and she looked so beautiful, way more amazing than she did here

    2. jayanti kusumasari vhñ.t3vucy2fyudre2rxf7883

  7. who is the second one??? She is cute :)

    1. sui he from china,asia, btw proud to be asian

    2. mickey chemjong she is Chinese. He, Sui

    3. +peishan Bai thanks 🙂

    4. sui he

    5. mickey chemjong bà con cô bác koa ai xem mà nứng cặt như e hk ê nứng wá
      muón lên trên đó bú lz wa hah

  8. adam is so sweet hahahaha

    1. who’s the girl take the hand by adam ?

    2. W A his girlfriend at the time

    3. Tasniim Mohamed

  9. I know that Adam broke up with that girl and now he is married but damn it
    look at him he only looks at her , he is following her the whole time and
    that just shows how adam isnt a cheater I love him so freaking much and am
    I the only one that didnt look at the models cause damn it adam is so hot I
    adore him #slaydaddy 😍😍😍😍🔥🔥🔥🔥🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

    1. errnesa syla same same!! ✌

  10. “And it goes like di”

    1. Anonymous Being Hahahaha that was so funny xD

  11. Perfect Girls
    Beautiful Girls
    Pretty Girls
    Sexiest Man Alive
    …and there’s me…A Potato
    A Kawaii Potato

    1. same :c

  12. best show ever of all Victoria’s Secret shows

    1. Nam Du Nah, the best one is when Queen Rihanna strutted down the runway
      better than any of the models

    2. ew no rihannas walk was tragic she should stay in her lane

    3. Um hello it was Lady Gaga who performed John Wayne. She was better than
      most of the models. Bye

    4. My personal favorite was Fall Out Boy’s Phoenix performance :v

  13. OMG the first Model. She’s so beautiful. 🙄

    1. +mala dawngliana Thanks dude


      actually shes miranda kerr

    3. was that Orlando Bloom that stood up when she walked by?

    4. Bubbly T. Yes.. ex wife

    5. Micaela Mohnen I knew that they were together then…I had the biggest
      crush on him a few years ago

  14. i much prefer this than new generation of VS

    1. hoai trinh me too

  15. For all girls watching this: you don’t have to be 35 24 35 and 6 ft to be
    an angel :)

    1. Actually I believe 5’10 ft is the minimum . Adriana Lima is 5’10

    2. +Rana Omar Adriana is hot AF

    3. Tina yan uhm actually you have to be 5’9 34-24-34 to be a vs angel

    4. duhh…
      if you are kind enough people will see you as an angel..

    5. Rinny Marie But Sara is 5’7 or 5’8 and also walking for vs

  16. behati didnt know that time that she was going to marry and have a kid from
    that guy…. <3

    1. orlando didnt know that she would cheat on that girl that she applauded for

    2. he cheated miranda? wtf im screwed :O

    3. Mister bean

  17. The guitarist is like a guy in a party invitation, so happy :)

    1. happy is good

  18. girlfriend? ??2:07

    1. BABARA wife

    2. Nurul Aleeyah Ex

    3. not girlfriend. she is girl friend XD

  19. He’s hotter than the models…

    1. O YES😘

    2. Liliama Rosas

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