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  1. Cmon girls embrace your body, you’re all beautiful (says the most insecure
    person in the world lol)

    1. Hfgddssfff C same

    2. Tyler Browns A Savage Tyler😁

    3. same, I always tell people to love yourself and I can’t even do that xD

    4. Ellen Wall sameee

  2. I don’t know if it’s been answered already but what spanx are you

    1. TheCaRdDiGaN I really wanna know too!!

    2. TheCaRdDiGaN I was wondering the same thing!

    3. TheCaRdDiGaN idk what she had but I have a pooch and I use spanx thongs!
      you can find them on amazon and they are way better because there is no
      panty line 🙂 I also used to work at Dsw and a lot of people bought the
      spanx she has on there but sometimes they are too long! Hope this helps!

    4. Amber Scott thank you so much!!

    5. Виолетта Цветкова

      My friend lost weight by 64 lbs per month! She took resalonix. This health
      supplement is very effective. 💎

  3. Ugh I connect with the hair thing on a spiritual level. My mom is super
    convinced it looks better pulled back but every time i do that people think
    I’ve gained more weight. She keeps saying my face looks better. Bruh I’m
    fat and I have a big head. The hair stays down 😂 😂

    1. I can relate too, but if you pull a few front strands of hair out of your
      ponytail/bun/updo, it will make a HUGE difference because the strands frame
      your face really nicely. I’ve been cutting a bit of hair in the front of
      both sides of my face up to about right where my jawline should be and
      cutting diagonally down away from the face very subtly. I hope this helps a
      bit 🙂 (and just a note, you don’t need a drastic amount of hair framing
      your face, just enough for you to be comfortable)

    2. Sara Davis same girl

    3. Sara Davis right!!😂😂

    4. Wishing for more wishes

      Sara Davis I connect with this comment on a spirited level. like.. mom
      please no I’m so hairy and chubby I look like Jabba the hut

  4. I have a skinny waist but my legs are fat

    1. Ashanty Lopez

    2. I was like that, but I started volleyball in September and now my legs have
      no fat at all.

    3. Ashanty Lopez Lmao same

    4. Nikolarea Nikolina that’s great I guess exercising helps a lot and gets you

    5. Kellyn Nguyen lMAO

  5. I’m honestly skinny and need to GAIN more weight but I have a problem with
    pants where they will fit in the waist but are to tight in the legs or to
    large in the waist and perfect in the legs I can only wear leggings and
    sweats no jeans or anything like that it frigen sucks :(

    1. Betty Brown I know but EVERYTIME I go back to school shopping my mom says U
      ALWAYS NEED A GOOD PARE OF JEANS so we waste money on stuff

    2. pink orchid not exactly😂 and if you have a large waist you can give birth
      easier and TBH babies are so cute❤️

    3. Perfect Cats so a big waist is only good because ugly screaming babies are
      better than what you like your body shape to be

    4. Betty Brown …Um…I Didnt say that I said that’s an up if you have big
      hips not that

  6. I swear she looks EXACTLY like Karina Garcia…

    1. Lacey Riles THEY’RE TWINS

    2. Lacey Riles there sisters and there twins she said it in a q and a


  7. She did the self tanner near a nice white bed spread…I started yelling at
    her as if she could hear me 😂😂😂

    1. 😂😂 literally same

    2. Brianna Alberty I hit my forehead. It felt wrong to watch.

  8. And if ur going swimming…

    1. oh.. true true

    2. Contro versial Yup

    3. The struggle is REAL

    4. Randomness Life just use waterproof make up

    5. +Sarah LIVE what about her body

  9. are you Karina Garcia’s sister?

    1. I know right she looks just like her

    2. They are twins

  10. *girl*


    1. D’Money Cung what can’t speak anymore spanish? is u gonna speak some then
      actually know the language u dumbfuck

  11. Karina Garcia’s twin LOL they look alike unless that is her twin

    1. they sound exactly the same lol

    2. Meilanie lol

  12. You look a lot like Karina Garcias! (Hope I spelt it right)

    1. Subha Chugh because it’s her sister

    2. Subha Chugh because its here twin

    3. LOL yeah they’re twin sisters XD.

  13. It’s saddening how she thinks she’s overweight…

    1. アニメ just realised your profile pic is Zen ♡

    2. Jon Snow The Crow You don’t know what obesity is then o_o There are people
      who can’t even walk, that’s what you call obese.

    3. アニメ she is, but as long she’s okay with, everybody else should be to

    4. hotxhotguy She is fat and fat is unhealthy if fat people are so proud of
      their condition why to do a video like this with some tricks to look
      slimmer, so dum

  14. Karina Garcia?

    1. Marzia Me this Is Karins Garcia’s sister.

    2. Marzia Me. no it is here twin

    3. Jessica Stothard oh .i thought they two are the same person

    4. Marzia Me she’s the pretty twin

    5. julia bellei ur rude stfu

  15. 3:45 Im underweight so I have never experience that, I hope it gets better
    for you guys that does cuz its sems like really irritaiting!!

    1. f l o s e o k 정호석 Army ~ XD

    2. hoseok’s mixtape JHOOOOOOOOPE


    4. Thea Gäfvert YO ARMY

    5. OMG I didn’t notice till now!! I’m also an ARMY!! Heyzzz

  16. God damn, she is so pretty. She does not need any of these hacks.

    1. well, she needs the baby powder hack, she said so in her vid

    2. Okay, you got me there.

    3. nyehehehe

    4. Liliana Pineapple of course she needs, WE all need, I havea Belly too, and
      I really tendiere to goi g like a gramps, so going straight and all this is
      very important. but früh she has a beautiful face. thouth se was wearing g
      a perfect make uo, without it ses definitly beatiful too, but not so
      elegant looking. nece makeup , knowing how ur hair works for you face is

  17. Is she related to Karina Garcia they are literally twins!!

    1. yea they are twins haha

    2. They are twins lol

  18. she looks exactly like Karina Garcia

    1. RealActual CAT Meow

      Well duh they’re twins

    2. Наталия Громова

      Open secret of slimming Hollywood star. Fat Burner – RESALONIX 😎

    3. Kate 101 wait what?
      I thought I was on Karinas Channel?!?

    4. Theyre twins 😂

  19. Your not fat u thick 😍AF and cute

    1. yes she is fat . the fact that you think she’s cute is a different matter .
      it’s your taste . doesn’t change her size .

    2. +UrbanGirl Paris shes fat but not bad like trisha paytas or anything, she
      isnt slim thick, shes like a mix of fat and thick

    3. +laurabearxo each size has a name for it . i don’t know who that trisha is
      but after your description she might be obese

    4. Humans are supposed to have fat on them though. This girl isn’t fat, she
      just has fat. Wtfff. XD

    5. I love you karina please subscribe to me

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