A$AP Rocky – Fashion Killa (Explicit Version)

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Supervisor: A$ AP Rocky, Delaware

Music video by A$ AP Rocky carrying out Style Killa. (C) 2013 RCA Records, a division of Sony Songs Enjoyment


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  1. Rhianna has been passed around more than 70% of snoop dog’s blunts and you
    gonna hit that???

  2. asap ferg so underrated

    1. +Lawrence Cardenas no cuz all of asap is underrated compared to people like
      lil Wayne

    2. every other video the asaps got on YouTube has views in the multi-millions.
      That’s not something that can be described as “underrated.” And lil Wayne
      has been around for years, of course more people know him.

    3. psycho is so good

    4. Dvontai Fields
      I agree

  3. First time seeing / hearing this. Only 3 years late…

    1. Jeremy Last Sameeeee I heard it yesterday 😂😂🤘🏽

    2. Jeremy Last doesn’t matter if your late lol just kick back relax and enjoy
      the music 🙂

    3. Ivan Ochoa your gay eyes see what they want to see i guess

  4. This song inspired me so much, literally the reason why I love fashion and
    carry myself the way I do.

    1. King Tee same

    2. V Lone Thug another fake “thug” go back to your expensive high school boy !!

    3. +Nicolas Henry go eat dog food

  5. im so stoned right know did i just see asap ferg in this video

    1. ArianTPL lmao you mad cuz your parents dont let you smoke weed😂

    2. Zyopino GT obviously your parents don’t love you

    3. im just not showing it off like you dude

    4. You’re just showing off something else dude wtf

  6. he is so fucking cute omggg lmao why can’t niggas like him exist and be
    actually meetable

    1. Chuy.B4dass

    2. das my IG

  7. isnt that the russian pornstar from hitman?

    1. Soo Saltyy It’s Rihana… 😑

    2. Sebastian Sutachan what? LOL idk how i didnt notice, my bad man.

    3. Soo Saltyy no you’re right it’s the Russian pornstar

  8. rihanna?

    1. impossible

    2. santiago paixao et pourtant c’est bien elle 😉

    3. Nan cet pas elle

    4. santiago paixao nah that’s Beyoncé

  9. If you listen to this at 4:30 to 4:40 without looking at the screen it
    sounds like he just took a piss on the wall.

    1. Xzavier Frazier LMFAO

  10. Is that Kidult at the end?

    1. for sure

  11. Today was my first time hearing this, just randomly played on my iPod.

    1. Branden Fraser Sad fam but atleast you found it on your own :/

    2. +Pharmbionics JUST

    3. ipods in 2017 lmao

    4. your mum

  12. does somebody know where I can find that slowed down version of the intro?
    Its so good

    1. prettyflvcko yea

    2. prettyflvcko me too

    3. prettyflvcko Search up… A$AP Rocky (Slowed by Mienski Beats)

  13. Is that Riri?

    1. No thats A$AP Rocky

    2. Nah thats Mary J Blidge

    3. No that’s Adele

  14. is that Ree Hana?

    1. DEATHROW Ree Anal

    2. DEATHROW ree kill yourself

      NO that is Rihanna
      I have no clue who Ree Hana is.
      is she a new singer?

  15. im watching old music back and wondering how we started out the 2010’s with
    a$ap mob , Kendrick Lamar , scHoolboy Q, j Cole ,wale , odd future , pro
    era and young money and it turned into young thug , young m.a , desiigner ,
    lil yachty , Uzi vert, 21 savage , drake , future , ugly god .

    1. akaprince343 drake rapping like he trap that’s not what he is, so he gets
      thrown into that mix

    2. kc b lilLillil yachty is poppin but I agree with the rest

    3. +K!NG MXNT that hodgy album hard asf even better than demo genesis album
      from last year he snapped on every song

    4. +kc b Told you man, Hodgy really improved, I keeping saying this to
      everyone but, I like pretty much all of OF’s new stuff better than their
      old stuff. Cept’ for Domo Genesis cuz’ the mixtape he made with Alchemist
      was legit.

    5. Lamar you are stupid did you know dat dem trappers scared them selves
      rappers cause they dont want no consequence

  16. i love her glasses dior

    1. Kim Sakwa what’s is your fb?😍

    2. Looool you tryna smash?

    3. U funny right

  17. Them too suit 😍

  18. Whos watching in January 2017?

    1. Miley Hopkins me lol

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