9 BEAUTY HACKS Every Girl Should Know | 2016

9 BEAUTY HACKS Every Girl Should Know|2016


Hi individuals! Invite back to my network! I have never done an Elegance hacks video clip in the past, I hope you love it!!!! I Actually UTILIZE all the Hacks! DELIGHT IN!!!!


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  1. How did i get here?
    I was watching SpectreSound Studios.

    1. lol thats interesting i wonder why.??? XD

    2. +Bree Bree
      youtube be crazy!

    3. You clicked on it duhhh

  2. I don’t have any boobs though 😂

    1. glad im not the only one XD

    2. I do lol

    3. Joey Bella

  3. But what if I don’t have a cleavage to put the eyeliner in 😂

    1. Lol try to mut it under your arm or between your legs

  4. Wish my boobs were smaller so I could use that bandaid hack. 😛 No way I
    could get away without an underwire. Big boobs kind of suck tbh.

    1. +Camille Dvorak yeah, when you’re not wearing a bra. But my boobs are too
      big for me to not wear a bra constantly, thus defeating the point.

    2. LeeTheLoser wanna trade

    3. +GabiAesthetics If only we could lol

  5. What if you have already ingrown hair in bikini area! What you do?

    1. exfoliate and DONT PICK NO MATTER WHAT

  6. whats that banded trick

    1. put band aids on your nipples if your not wearing a bra that way they wont
      show through your shirt

  7. vi boglio nsisbf Big fan

    great job,the video is superb and i love it your life hacks..😅Can you sey
    hy in one video…????lpls
    . Waiting your repli

  8. Idk how no one has commented that you look like Ivanka Trump

    1. Megan Ireland haha genius 😂

  9. Which is tht song in the beginning ?

    1. Can’t feel my face by the weekend

    2. Tatiana Baptista thanks

  10. Omg the bandaid tip is genius

  11. Flat chested women like me will hate that eyeliner trick 😂😂😂

    1. Big boobed women hate the bandaid trick lol

  12. Hello random beauties scrolling through the comments ❤ I hope you have an
    amazing day and you are looking gorgeous today , I hope all your wish and
    dreams came truee .. Lots of love , from a really small youtuber heh ❤ I
    hope this will put a smile on your beautiful face :)

    1. Sasya Isya so nice thank u for kindness

    2. Sasya Isya you are an amazingly kind person x

  13. Ur last name…are you Romanian by chance?

    1. me too! I’m from Texas. 🙂 i’ve wanted to do a youtube channel but I’m not
      good with makeup/beauty stuff since i don’t really wear it. but hey nice to
      meet you! what part of romania are you from?

    2. Ana Gabriela Done yoruba movies

  14. the bandaid one… I hate bras…

    1. ME TOO!!! ahhaha

    2. +Katie Yancu u r pretty and deserve more followers

    3. unknown unknown


  15. when i saw the bandaid in the bgining of video, i swear i thought those are
    ticket and she wants to put them in her boobs as a hack

  16. Roxy ღ (cryвaвy)

    What is the song at the end/in the background ?

  17. joining your wrists and scrubbing the fragrance can modify it

  18. Deodorant on the binkini line omg i think youjust saved my life

  19. Nown Forever Rihana

    i guess you should look at the camera rather than here and there

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