Here are 17 odd style life hacks I really feel every girl ought to understand! My beauty hacks video clip had such a terrific feedback, I choose to reveal you all my favorite style hacks! What style hack would you make use of?! Allow me understand in the remarks!




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  1. when i saw the photo of the pad i thought she’s using a pad to wax her
    armpits :)

    1. Oh… that’s right

    2. Same here! 😂😂😂

    3. Same I was like whattttttt

    4. Lina sao i thought the same hahaha

  2. The Beauty in Potatoes

    i didn’t click bc her boobs, i clicked bc her bra was cute af

    1. True sams😂😂😂✊🏼✊🏼✊🏼

    2. haha same 😂😂😂

    3. mhmm nice try on lying

    4. +Jsns Nx but her bra was really cute tho

  3. Omg the paperclip one at the end is SO HELPFUL even though I only wear
    bracelets like once a year, when I do I struggle 😂

    1. My Chemical Heathens

      +Cindy Plays |-/

    2. +My Chemical Heathens Love your username!!

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  4. Wow! Cleaning my clothes with baby wipes! Such a good hack🙃

    1. But I fully rest

    2. I went different art

  5. Yeah nobody sees the panty liner underneath your shirt until it looses its
    stickiness and falls onto the floor or something hahahahaha

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    3. hahaha, hilarious. but seriously Im doing that pantyliner hack and it never
      fall off. maybe because of the strong adhesive? sorry about my english. 😂

    4. Is your hair red colored or something?

  6. Taylor M. Collette

    Holy cow, that panty liner hack to prevent sweat stains is genius!

    1. i thought i was the only one doing that hack. hahaha XD

    2. Taylor M. Collette kvuvu

    3. rosered twerks

  7. Вика Суздалева

    ставь лайк если русский

    1. супер канал

      и я

    2. What

    3. stav layk esli russkiy chego no ponytnogo)))))

  8. I love this video! One back I can’t seem to find is, how can I get rid of
    the dark spots under my arm pits?

    1. a cut potato

    2. The Shlenfus way Shlenfus

      the castor oil is just like a bleach for the skin and for the hair
      just try it several times it works i used it for a small beauty-mark

    3. Linh Nguyen hy dear

    4. Linh Nguyen my WhatsApp number +919338700009

  9. The panty liner thing seems really weird and I’m not sure if I trust it,
    but I’m so desperate that I’ll have to give it a try because no deodorant
    seems to keep me dry!

    And by the way, on the topic of sweating… I also have the sweatiest feet
    in the history of mankind, so I doubt that shoe thing is enough to save me.
    I’ve actually had to throw away several pairs of shoes because the smell
    wouldn’t go away, and it happens quite often that I take my shoes off and
    leave wet footsteps behind me when I walk. In the summer when I’m wearing
    crocs (just outside in the backyard, I’d never wear them out-put!) I’ll
    sometimes get so sweaty that I’ll literally slip inside my shoes when I
    walk! It’s not because I’m too warm either so I don’t know what to do about
    it. I inherited this excessive sweatiness (and a bunch of other bad things
    too) from my mother but she doesn’t know how to fix it either, and her feet
    aren’t nearly as bad as mine.

    1. +josh duns leg I will look that up, thanks!

    2. +Sham Hossain Thank you, I’ll have to see if it’s of any help 🙂

    3. +Susy Arroyo Hmm, never heard of it, thank you for mentioning it! I might
      look into it!

    4. +elysiaxzz I’m just the same 😉 Sweaty palms too, although that never
      really bothered me – in fact, I quite like it and feel weird on the rare
      occasion that my fingers are not damp! Really comes in handy when turning
      book pages, haha. I think it might also contribute to the fact that I have
      hands as smooth as a baby’s butt (Is that weird to say? It’s a common
      expression in my native language but I don’t know if it sounds strange in
      English), however it usually weirds other people out so I have a habit of
      quickly wiping my hands on my clothes if I have to shake hands with anyone
      or such. The feet thing is really bothersome though!

    5. +AnnDaEditor Perhaps, I suppose I could try it 🙂

  10. Be careful when using the razor to clean your clothes. I shaved a hole in
    my shirt

    1. I guess it depends on how thick or thin your clothes are

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    3. Gman’s game chanell

  11. about the zipper stuck, we usually rubing a candle on it. that’s work
    pretty well. Sorry for my bad english.

    1. Or a soap

    2. or a drop of engine oil.

  12. Big boobs and napkin on your armpit as thumbnail..

    .. there you have it. 6million views.

    1. +Kate Tipograf we call that sanitary napkin.

    2. +Ryoma Echizen to be honest I didn’t even see her boobs 😕

    3. +Unfriendly Bixch lolzzz nice answer

    4. +EnderKake HAHHA

    5. Ryoma Echizen 8.7

  13. Her voice is perfection. 

    1. Ikrr

  14. I don’t think i could ever take a nail file to my suede shoes….. o.o

  15. 😀 haha some of these I have never seen

  16. where can i get that razor plus what’s its name ??anyone

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  18. Please go watch my life hack video and let me know if it made you laugh!!

  19. girls are world seriously

  20. I just throw my white converse in the washer. it works perfectly fine and
    it doesn’t waste your time. except for the drying part. that takes a little

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