Put On Your Shoes | Clothing Song for Kids

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Prepare for cooler climate with this easy garments song.

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Place on your footwears, your footwears, your footwears.
Put on your shoes, your shoes, your footwears.
Place on your footwears.
Allow's go outside.
Hurry. Hurry. Rush hurry up!

Place on your coat, your jacket, your jacket.
Place on your jacket, your coat, your coat.
Put on your coat.
Allow's go outside.
Hurry up. Rush. Hurry rush!

Put on your headscarf, your headscarf, your scarf.
Put on your headscarf, your headscarf, your scarf.
Place on your scarf.
Let's go outside.
Hurry. Rush. Rush hurry up!

Place on your hat, your hat, your hat.
Put on your hat, your hat, your hat.
Put on your hat.
Let's go outside.
Hurry up. Rush. Rush hurry up!

Place on your footwears.
Your coat.
Your headscarf.
And also your hat.
Rush. Hurry. Rush hurry up!

Song: Put On Your Shoes.
CD: Super Basic Songs One.
Songs: Super Straightforward Discovering.
Vocals: Leah Hays and Matt Stamm.

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Put On Your Shoes by Super Basic Knowing.


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  2. I want to sing this with my students. Do you sell accompaniment or
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  14. Good for kids because they can learn to put their shirt and pants their own

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  15. that is
    so cute!!!🤗🤗🤗

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  17. anyone over 15?

  18. Great Job! I love to play this song in my english lessons! I also make
    animations using Miitomo

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